Live With Restaurant Owner & Author Nick Sarillo

Let’s talk pizza and how YOU can get more than a “Slice Of The Pie” in your restaurant with owner and author Nick Sarillo.

Nick is the author of “A Slice of the Pie: How to Build a Big Little Business and the owner/founder of “Nick’s Pizza & Pub”.

What I want to discuss from the book

1 – Page 39 “Nick’s Values”

2 – Page 169 “Huddle Structure”

3 – Chapter 3 “Let People Be Themselves”


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Live With Restaurant Author Michael Politz

We are LIVE today with the author of The Food & Beverage Magazine Guide To Restaurant Success, Michael Politiz. We’re going to dig into EXACTLY what restaurants need to be doing as we head into being OPEN again across the US!

Michael is also the Publisher and Founder of Food and Beverage Magazine. You can find Michael on LinkedIn at

Live With Restaurant Author Alison Pearlman

Today we are LIVE with the Author of May We Suggest: Restaurant Menus and the Art of Persuasion, Alison Pearlman.

In this above book she considers how contemporary menus of the widest variety try to influence what we buy, how we dine, and how we feel about both.

She is also the author of Smart Casual: The Transformation of Gourmet Restaurant Style in America (2013), which uncovers the cultural roots of recent upsets to norms in casual and formal restaurant design, from the cuisine to the architecture.


Live With Author Allan Dib

Allan is the author of the “One Page Marketing Plan,” which is Amazon’s #1 Global Marketing Book. He’s also a coach of for business owners/entrepreneurs, helping them build their in-house marketing capabilities.

We’ll be live at 4pm EST on Wednesday March 17th…TUNE IN!

What are we going to talk about? I have 3 key topics from his book I want to discuss:

1st- Customer Avatars…GETTING CRAZY CRAZY SPECIFIC. Let’s meet Max Cash & Angela Assistant

2nd – Pain Relief vs Features & Benefits (You’ll want to hear my story on how I almost dropped my new 70″ TV 🙂

3rd – Don’t build your house on a sand foundation…DON’T HAVE ONE STRATEGY

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Expert Roundup With Restaurant Author Jeff Toister

We are LIVE with restaurant author Jeff Toister on today’s Restaurant Expert Roundup.

Jeff is the author of The Service Culture Handbook and has a 2nd book coming out SOON, “The Guaranteed Customer Experience”!

Let’s dig into Jeff’s expertise and help restaurants create a better culture and customer experience.

Jeff’s Full Linkedin Profile: