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Restaurant Expert Roundup With David Ross of Hillcrest Foods

Wednesday we're going LIVE with someone on the distribution side of the equation. David Ross is the Chief Sales Officer at Hillcrest Foods and host of the "RestaurantTopia" Podcast. I want to know what restaurants can do to be smarter with their menu and food costs with so many issues in the supply chain now. You can find out more about David below. LinkedIn: Website: Instagram:
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Restaurant Expert DEEP Dive With Author Shawn Bucher

It's Holiday season, which means 2022 PLANNING! Let's dig deep with what restaurants should be thinking about for next year with Chef Shawn. Shawn is the Author of Food People Management, the former Podcast host of the Business Chef and a talented restaurateur. He's won numerous awards and worked in most aspects of the foodservice industry as a chef, teacher, manager, and consultant for both local and national restaurants, arenas, schools, hospitals, and hotels.
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Restaurant Expert Round-up with Author Nick Mandelberg

Nick is the author of "The Little Black Book of Serving and Bartending” and an experienced restaurant GM. Nick has a strong sales professional skilled in Catering, Food & Beverage, Customer Service, Wine, and Multi-Unit." LinkedIn: Instagram:
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Restaurant Expert Deep Dive With Jensen Cummings

Let's compare notes Jensen....I've been to 1,000+ restaurants in the past few years and you've interviewed as many for the Best Served Podcast. Let's dig deep into what restaurants have learned they need to start doing since March 2020 and what Jensen & I have learned about what they are still ignoring Jensen is the host of the Best Served Podcast & founder of Brewed Food Fermentation Linkedin: Instagram:
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Restaurant Expert Round-up With Author Matt Rolfe

Matt is the Author of You Can't Do It Alone and a Hospitality Leadership Coach. This is our first interview and I'm looking forward to getting to know him a little better. You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn & IG below:
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Restaurant Expert Roundup – Episode 108 With The Modern Waiter

It's episode 108 and we're digging into all things 4-Walls customer service with Marlon Joseph! He's the Creator and Co-host of the Modern Waiter podcast and restaurant veteran, having worked in the service industry since 1996
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Episode 107 Restaurant Expert Roundup With Michel Falcon

Michel is the founder of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen, host of the "People-First Culture Podcast" and author of "People-First Culture"
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100th Episode – Restaurant Expert Roundup With Author Michael Attias

100 Episodes!!! Pretty exciting to say that this is #100 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup Series! What started in June 2020 as a way to connect with authors and podcasters in the restaurant biz turned into a library of AMAZING content for America's Best Restaurants University. Today's GUEST #100 is Michael Attias, the author of Cater or Die and President/Founder of CaterZen. I want to talk about some TIPS & TRICKS to OUT SMARTING your competition on Catering. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn & Email Below: LinkedIn: Email: * America's Best Restaurant University is not an actual university. We provide training and insight for restaurants throughout America but we do not offer degree programs.
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Episode 105: Restaurant Expert Round-up With David Jones

David is the founder of "The Excellence Advisory," which teaches, coaches, and consults with small- to mid-sized organizations and emerging leaders to improve their sales and profitability by improving their operations. Find David online below: LinkedIn: Twitter: Website:
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