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What are the non-negotiables of starting a restaurant – Doug Radkey

So you're opening a restaurant, or just trying to rethink your current situation, what are the NON-NEGOTIABLES. It's episode 138 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup and we're talking with Doug Radkey. He's the host of the Bar Hacks Podcast and author of "Bar Hacks" and "Hacking the New Normal". Doug is also the President at KRG Hospitality, a hospitality company that specializes in helping early stage concepts and emerging hospitality brands unleash their full potential. LinkedIn:
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How To Not Be The Biggest Idiot In The Kitchen – Author Chef Andre Natera

Episode 137 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup is with Andre Natera, a former chef with over 25 years of experience in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. He's passionate about mentoring and teaching people the knowledge needed to run a successful business. He's the HOST of the Chef's PSA podcast and Author of Chef's PSA LinkedIn: Instagram:
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Being The Best Restaurant Server

Awesome experiences in your restaurant are one major component that bring customers back, over and over, and that job typically falls in the hands of the server. Today in Episode 136 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we have Danny Davila, an experienced restaurant veteran with 24 years in the business as server and bartender, but can also do all "front of the house" stuff. He's the co-host of the modern waiter and self-described "best at being a server who enjoys that job for the freedom of schedule." He feels strongly about the lack of good solid service and believes that companies need to train better and keep a standard instead of just filling holes for the now." Instagram: Podcast Instagram:
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The Relationship Economy – Book Deep Dive With Author John DiJulius

Let' stalk about Relationships in 2022 and beyond with regards to the digital world we now live in! John is the president of The DiJulius Group, author of several books including The Relationship Economy: Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age and a authority on how to provide a world-class customer experience." He's an international consultant + has worked with companies like The Ritz Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nestle, Marriott Hotel, PwC, Cheesecake Factory, Progressive Insurance, Harley Davidson, State Farm, Chick-fil-A, and many more. LinkedIn: Instagram:
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Restaurant Software To Help Your KNOW What’s Happening.

Let's talk Restaurant Software as it relates to training systems, inventory check lists, budgeting and MUCH MORE! In episode 133 we're chatting with Fred Langley, the CEO at Restaurant Systems Pro, an "all-in-one" software solution for the restaurant operator . Linkedin:
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Nobody Wants To Work In Restaurants These Days

I hear this weekly, actually DAILY! That no one wants to work, like a switch was just hit that made every person stop thinking working at a restaurant was viable. Let's dig into this topic and other HR related topics with expert Bruce Faber. Bruce is a highly sought-after, award winning restaurant, hotel, and hospitality owner / recruiter of EHS Recruiting Company. He brings a modern approach to sourcing great candidates and has a 97% successful placement rate. You can find him on LinkedIn @
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Do Customers View Your Restaurants Food As Safe In All Instances?

Think about it, we now get food from restaurants in a multitude of ways. We eat in the restaurant, we use carryout, your team delivers it or last but not least, a 3rd party delivers it. Ask yourself this question, does your process in all 4 circumstances SQUASH any customer concerns? In episode 132 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup I want to talk with Nathan Jarvis about this topic, since he covered some variations of this in his podcast in October 2021. Nathan is the host of the "Restaurant Relevance" podcast, a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Houston – Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, an expert in the intersection of culinary, hospitality, and food science; Food and beverage hospitality education; Applied food safety and more! You can connect with him on LinkedIn @ FYI, the episode I'm referring to is: In Season 1, Episode 5 = "Perceived food safety in restaurants, delivery, and at home" -
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Let’s Talk About Franchising Your Restaurant OR WHY Not To (With Gary Occhiogrosso)

Should you franchise your restaurant? How do you know if it's a good idea or if you're ready? In episode 131 we talk with Gary Occhiogrosso, the founder of Franchise Growth Solutions. Gary specializes in guiding and assisting start-ups, emerging & mature franchise companies toward reaching their goals. He's been in the Franchise Growth Solutions business for 34 years and is the host of the MasterMind Minutes podcast. LinkedIn: Instagram: Website:
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Restaurant Hiring Issues….Hire To WIN!

Let's talk Restaurant Hiring & Retention In episode #130 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we talk with Tatiyana Cure. Tatiyana is the Author of "Hire To Win" and Director of Talent and Human Resources at Zuum Transportation She's not solely a restaurant person, but has partnered with managers in various industries, including restaurants. You can connect with Tatiyana on LinkedIn:
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