Do Customers View Your Restaurants Food As Safe In All Instances?

Think about it, we now get food from restaurants in a multitude of ways. We eat in the restaurant, we use carryout, your team delivers it or last but not least, a 3rd party delivers it.

Ask yourself this question, does your process in all 4 circumstances SQUASH any customer concerns?

In episode 132 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup I want to talk with Nathan Jarvis about this topic, since he covered some variations of this in his podcast in October 2021.

Nathan is the host of the “Restaurant Relevance” podcast, a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Houston – Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, an expert in the intersection of culinary, hospitality, and food science; Food and beverage hospitality education; Applied food safety and more!

You can connect with him on LinkedIn @

FYI, the episode I’m referring to is:
In Season 1, Episode 5 = “Perceived food safety in restaurants, delivery, and at home”

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