Don’t Leave Your Restaurant Employees BEHIND

Are you leaving people behind in your restaurant due to a lack of training or understanding their goals?

In todays Expert Restaurant Roundup, Episode 128, we talk with Justin Khanna

Justin is the host of “The Repertoire Podcast” (Formerly “The Emulsion Podcast”) and the founder of “Repertoire,” a company that provides cohort-based courses, original content, and coaching for hospitality creators that want to build, impact, and profit in the industry.

Something that stuck out to me was one of Justin’s goals with his podcast, “to get at the heart of what makes people excel, and he hopes to ask the questions that no one else asks.”

This is top of mind for me since it SMACKED me in the face this week. While at an event this week I heard an example of a kid playing baseball for the 1st time and how that journey can take a few different paths.



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