Restaurant Leadership Excellence With David Jones

Culture, Leadership & Morale in your restaurant are KEY to becoming an amazing, or EXCELLENT, organization.

Today we chat with David Jones about how much impact these 3 items have on your ability to THRIVE in todays economy.

David is the President at The Excellence Advisory and a Performance Excellence coach helping leaders of small and mid-sized organizations break through the day-to-day firefighting to achieve the results they always thought possible.

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The Restaurant Mentor Talks Running Pizza Shops

Let’s talk slinging slices with a 26 year restaurant veteran and consultant.

It’s Episode 145 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup with Tony Altomare

Tony grew Tony-Roni’s to 9 locations and exited in 2022. He now coaches restaurateurs & individuals on how to grow a successful business and live a happy life at the same time.


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Restaurant Franchisees – What To Expect From Corporate

Franchise Owners – What should they expect when it comes to marketing and support?

Today we talk with Jonathan Maze the Editor In Chief at Restaurant Business Magazine. Jonathan works a lot in the franchise world and I’m curious to find out what support an owner should expect, and what level of expertise should come with that support.

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Getting Your Restaurant STAFFED UP!

Today we’re digging into a cool new software we starting using at America’s Best Restaurants that’s built BY A RESTAURANT owner for YOU, restaurant owners to use to manage your hiring process.

Today’s guest is Billy Giordano.

Billy is the CoFounder of Staffed Up, a “web-based staffing platform designed for the retail and service industries.” He also manages and co-founded Room 38, an upscale restaurant and bar located in Columbia, Mo.

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Hospitality Leadership – You Can’t Do It Alone At Your Restaurant

How are you running your restaurant ALONE?

Entrepreneurship is LONELY but it doesn’t have to be.

Today in Episode 143 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we’re talking with author and consultant Matt Rolfe.

Matt is the Author of “You Can’t Do It Alone” and a Hospitality Leadership Coach.

You can reach and connect with Matt below:


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Hospitality Know How: A Key Guide For Every Hospitality Business

Today in Episode 142 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we talk with Dino Kottis, the Author of “Hospitality Know How: A Key Guide For Every Hospitality Business”

Dino has been involved with Hospitality for 26 years, having worked in almost all the available positions in the industry. Prior to his career in the Training and Development industry, he had been employed in a number of hospitality management roles for brands like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tesco, Liverpool FC and a number of independent & local brands.

He’s been a hospitality business owner in Greece for over 5 years and is currently a shareholder in a food business in the UK.

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